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Flashpoint/The New 52 – A Theory

Submitted by on July 15, 2011 – 11:48 pmOne Comment

So . . . at the end of Flashpoint are we going to see a scenario similar to the J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek’ film?

DC is quick to point out that this is not a ‘reboot’ or a ‘relaunch’ but a “New Beginning” as per their public FAQ on the subject. Here’s the bit I’m talking about:

“It’s not a reboot. A reboot is typically a restart of the story or character that jettisons away everything that happened previously.

This is a new beginning which builds off the best of the past. For the stories launching as new #1s in September, we have carefully hand-selected the most powerful and pertinent moments in these characters’ lives and stories to remain in the mythology and lore. And then we’ve asked the best creators in the industry to modernize, update and enhance the books with new and exciting tales. The result is that we retained the good stuff, and then make it better.”

Following the Star Trek line of thinking, this new beginning isn’t a multiverse Earth or even the same DCU but possibly a parallel universe laying over top or running beside the DCU we know and love. So, in this example as in Abrams’ Star Trek, nothing is lost (heh, heh). It’s all still there.

I guess what I’m getting at is that if this DOESN’T work out for DC then an easy restart of the ‘old’ DCU right where they left off isn’t that too far-fetched (okay, not really EASY per se — messy for sure). Including continuing the numbering for the long-standing titles which is a sticking point for some, especially those that have been collecting/reading DC Comics for a long while. Or even those who are new or semi-new to the hobby that just plain like the idea of DC’s rich history in comics.

I’m excited for the ‘New 52’ and am looking forward to checking out everything. I don’t want to see this fail or for DC to fall flat but it is an interesting exit strategy if it doesn’t have the legs they’re hoping it does.

One Comment »

  • Cameren says:

    Definitely interested to be able to jump on board with a character such as Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman. Since I’m newer to being a continous reader I like the idea of starting fresh instead of having to catch up.