Free Comic Book Day 2017 – #FCBD
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Free Comic Book Day is almost here! Stop by Phantom of the Attic in Monroeville for YOUR selection of Free Comics!
The shop will open at 8:00am for the annual giveaway event. The selection of comics …

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Review – Flashpoint: Project Superman #1

Submitted by on July 13, 2011 – 9:12 pm2 Comments

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1
Writers: Scott Snyder & Lowell Francis
Artists: Gene Ha (pencils, inks), Art Lyon (colorist)

Beginning 30 years before the current events of this DCU it follows the rise and fall of Neil Sinclair, volunteer to a man-made meta-human experiment. Over the course of a few years, the experiments bestow powers and abilities beyond the expectations of the science program. Sinclair is also dehumanized by being referred to as “Subject Zero” and finds through his growth into a more and more powerful being his comrades are distancing themselves from him socially and emotionally. After the first live field test goes horribly wrong, Sinclair withdraws into further madness and isolation.

I liked the slow build of the story, not minding at all that it takes a full third of the series for the initial set up. Given the reveal on the last page and a bit of dialogue from Flashpoint #1, I’m curious to see how the developments in the arrival of this character will pan out. Very worthwhile read.